The one thing I have learned is that if you want to test the genuineness of the hearts of those around you, let them know that you are in a place of need. Your friend count will descend and the number of “likes” on your page will dissipate. Actually, I am good with that.

Since 2005 I have had one fundraiser to raise money for the publishing of my first book. The support for that was minimal, but God allowed me to launch my own publishing company and that book and two others have been published.

I have recently launched a fundraiser for Rick Wallace Ministries. The reason is my ministry is supported solely by me and the work I do through my two companies (Myriad Business Solutions; a business consulting firm & Odyssey Media Group; a public relations company). Unfortunately, a recent project has placed me in a position where the ministry is in jeopardy.

I am asking for support to insure that current projects at Rick Wallace Ministries continue and that those that are in development are brought to fruition. We are about to launch an initiative entitled “Restoring the Broken Woman” it deals with the rebuilding of the woman in America. The falling away of the Christian Man has placed the woman in a vulnerable position which in turn has allowed the vicissitudes of life and the machinations of the enemy to erode her perception of herself. It is our goal to engage these broken women through revelation, inspiration, empowerment, and full support. We desire to develop a sense of worth that reflects the love of Christ.

There are a number of other initiatives in the work as well.

I am asking those that read this for your support. If this was not an urgent matter, I would not ask, but we at Rick Wallace Ministries do need your support.

Please visit the following link to give your support. Your appreciation will be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Despite the advice of others, my books: Renewing Your Mind: The Dynamics of Christian Transformation & Elevation through Revelation will remain free to all.