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To the parents of Trayvon Martin, I don’t personally know you, but I pray that this message somehow finds its way to you. You have had thousands of people offer their condolences over the past year, and I am sure that you have received many sentiments concerning the verdict.

I would like to offer some sensitive but much needed advice. As much as you may not be up to it, you need to put your legal & business hats on. There are a lot of people that are going to attempt to take advantage of your misfortune. As you have already seen, Trayvon’s name and image is popping up on everything from baseball caps to t-shirts. Please make sure that you have his name and image copyrighted and licensed. There are people with little to no moral turpitude and they will surely capitalize on the current momentum.
With that being said, there is nothing wrong with mobilizing and rallying behind the Martin family, because the issue is so much greater than this one moment. It was a similar situation in the summer of 1955 when a young boy named Emmett Till was brutally beaten and murdered for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. The men who did this were tried and acquitted, even with eyewitnesses. Yet, his death galvanized the black community across America when his mother refused to have a closed casket funeral because she wanted the world to see the type of hatred that permeated America.

Once again, America, your slip is hanging. You are showing the world your true colors. You are letting those that you preach human rights to see that your platform of perfection is not so perfect.

The black community in 1955 rallied behind Mamie Till (Emmett’s mother) and the civil rights movement was ignited. Several months later in December of the same year a Lady by the name of Rosa Parks decided enough is enough and refused to relinquish her seat to a white man. She was arrested, but she just happened to work for the NAACP, and the organization organized a boycott, and in the process, recruited a young black minister by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. to head the movement. At the time all those involved were ordinary people living ordinary lives, but they met their moment with faith, courage and determination.

This was not a racial flare-up, no, this was a stand. This was not a moment in which riots would be followed by silence. This was not a moment where blacks were concerned about the opinion of their white associates. This is where the ordinary became extraordinary when the faith (revealed through their actions) of common people met the power of God and created the perfect storm.

God has been presenting opportunities for us to stand for years, but people and organizations sought to use them for personal and political gain. We are upset because of the injustice we witnessed with the Martin family, but black families have been experiencing this same pain for years. We all have stories of racism and hatred.

I am not preaching hatred of any race; that would make me worse than those I speak out against. In fact, I must admit that even right now, some of my strongest supporters are white. With that being said those who are truly my friends and my family in Christ will support me supporting my people.

In his “I Have A Dream” speech Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of the “Urgency of Now”. He warned against taking “The tranquilizing drug of gradualism”. Martin warned the nation that the discontent of the black man would not subside until his concerns had been addressed. He asserted that there could be no tranquility in America as long as the black man was still not free. Dr. King gave his life in pursuit of this dream. Medgar Evers died in pursuit of this dream. Blacks were beaten, sprayed with fire hoses, and bitten by dogs in pursuit of this dream.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our focus. Somewhere along the way “kind of” became good enough. Somewhere along the way we became satiated with minimal progress. I would suggest the dream has faded. I would suggest that the vividness of this dream that once drove our people to stand, even to the point of death, has been darkened by the lethargy of a generation of mediocre people. It has become acceptable for the black man to meander through the maze of mediocrity. It has become the common course of action for blacks to settle for dwarfed goals and colorless dreams. It has become the way life for blacks to be patted on the back in lieu of fair compensation.

We are a people that descend from royalty, our pedigree is that of aristocracy. We have the blood of kings and rulers coursing through our veins. I want to believe that Trayvon Martin did not die in vain. I want to believe that we have finally come to a point where enough is enough. I want to believe that we will not be willing to go quietly into the night having made some noise but receiving no response. I want to believe that we are ready to show America that this mobilization was more than just a hand full of black people looking to blow off some steam.

Just as Dr. King implied, we cannot allow this nation to return to business as usual.  We cannot allow another injustice to be swept under the rug. We must come together and collectively determine what we seek. We must be willing maximize our economic power and refrain from patronizing anyone that does not support us.

Yes, the majority of us are Christian people, and you may be concerned about what this means for you, but Christianity has never been a passive movement. We must be willing to stand and take what we rightfully deserve. This movement is not about hatred, and it is not antithetical to the Christian faith. This is about understanding that prayer without faith is powerless and faith without works is dead. We have been praying to God and He has been telling us to stand. Not riot, stand; not whine, stand; not finger point; stand; not pass the buck; stand.

I am not speaking of grasping at entitlements. Entitlement have crippled our race and made us easy prey for those who would seek to manipulate and exploit us. If we would unite and stand as one, not one of us would have to ask the government for anything. We have been conditioned to cheat ourselves. This is where it ends. Trayvon Martin cannot be just another dead black kid in America. Trayvon Martin has to become the battle cry of a restless people. Trayvon Martin must become the icon of solidarity that drive us to a place of discontent. We must wake up and remember the feeling of emptiness that we felt when that verdict came down.

I tell you my brothers and sisters: If we don’t see change, we have no one to blame but ourselves. ~

Dr. Rick Wallace


View your marriage through the lens of eternity.

As believers, marriage must be viewed from an eternal perspective. No, marriage is not eternal, it was designed for our lives here on earth – However, marriage, when viewed through the perspective of eternal hope empowers us to see beyond momentary difficulties.

When we are able see the eternal perspective we can understand that what we are dealing with is bigger than us, but not bigger than God. We have the chance to glorify God in our marriages more than any other divine institution. The eternal perspective allows us to put aside our selfishness and egocentric mindset in lieu of honoring God by honoring our mate.

Worth Saving

No one believed in people more than Jesus did. He saw something in Peter worth developing, in the adulterous woman worth forgiving, and in John worth harnessing.

He saw something in the thief on the cross, and what he saw was worth saving. And in the life of a wild-eyed, bloodthirsty extremist, He saw the apostle of grace. He believed in Saul.

Don’t give up on your Saul. When others write him off, give him another chance. Stay strong. Call him brother. Call her sister. It’s too soon to throw in the towel. Talk to your Saul about Jesus, and pray.

God is at work behind the scenes. And remember this: God never sends you where he hasn’t already been. By the time you reach your Saul, who knows what you’ll find.

God used Saul, who became Paul, to touch the world.

Has God given you a Saul?

From Cast of Characters
Listen to UpWords with Max Lucado at


I love reading the work of other men of God and Max Lucado is one of my favorites. His ability to simplify the most powerful of truths is extraordinary. His installment today is no different. Max points to the fact that Jesus sees the potential in the wretched and reaches out to touch that wretchedness with a transforming love that produces the exceptional.

Max appeals to his readers to not give up on their “Saul”. When Christ met Saul on the Damascus road he was the enemy of the church. He was the one who consented to the stoning of Stephen. He was inexorable in persecuting Christians and on his way to do more damage. Christ looked through the wretchedness and validated the potential. Saul (Hebrew name) became Paul (Greek name) and he became one of the greatest champions of the Church.

There are those in your life that have yet to actualize their potential in the Kingdom; don’t cast them away. They need your love. They need your support. They need your encouragement, and they need your prayers. I know that it can be frustrating as you attempt to help birth the new man within your Saul, but when you are tempted to give up, remember that Christ did not give up on you and sent Christian soldiers to usher you into your anointing.

Remember in the book of acts after Paul’s encounter with Christ, the Spirit compelled Ananias to go visit Paul and pray for him. Ananias remembered what Saul had done and wanted no part of it, but the Spirit assured him that there was purpose in Saul and he needed to go pray for him. There is also purpose in the Saul in your life. There is a Paul within them that is struggling to come forth. Don’t write them off. Don’t give up on them. Don’t look down on them. Christ believes they are worth it; who are you to think different. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

The phrase “Full Time Ministry” is in some ways implicit that there is part-time service within the body. I know what it is supposed to mean, but I believe the implications that it presents are dangerous in forming the proper paradigms through which believers live their lives. There is no such thing as a part-time Christian.

Christ did not sacrifice all that He was on a part-time Cross. He did not provide part-time salvation. There is no such reality as part-time justification. Christ definitely does not encompass us with a part-time love. Wherein is the right to offer up part-time service?

It is extremely important to understand that the Christian life cannot be compartmentalized. Everything we do we do unto the Lord and we present ourselves as living sacrifices to the service of the Kingdom. This means that there is no moment of our lives that belong to us.

You may not be on staff at the Church and preaching may not be your vocation, but trust me, you are in full time ministry. The question is: Are you living your life in a manner in which Christ’s reflection is seen in everything that you do?

You expect full-time engagement from God and He is expecting the same from you. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

26 For [r]consider your(BD)calling, brethren, that there were (BE)not many wise according to [s]the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble; 27 but(BF)God has chosen the foolish things of(BG)the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of (BH)the world to shame the things which are strong, 28and the base things of(BI)the world and the despised God has chosen, (BJ)the things that are not, so that He may (BK)nullify the things that are, 29 so that (BL)no [t]man may boast before God. 30But [u]by His doing you are in (BM)Christ Jesus, who became to us (BN)wisdom from God, [v]and(BO)righteousness and(BP)sanctification, and(BQ)redemption, 31 so that, just as it is written, “(BR)LET HIM WHO BOASTS, BOAST IN THE LORD.”


Paul reveals that God uses those that are lowly, debased, and downtrodden to manifest His power through. He takes those that the world sees as worthless and useless and unleashes his power in a manner that confounds the wise and powerful of the world.


God does this so that there can be no mistake of the source of the great works that come forth. God has revealed to me that we are in the midst of a time in which he will use men and women that have very little value by the standards of this wayward world in ways that are unimaginable. We are rapidly approaching a massive international revival the likes that have not been seen since Wesley’s Methodist movement.


Men of God are being called to stand on their faith and walk in their divine purpose; they are being empowered to reassume their God-ordained roles. Women are being inundated with a more lucid sense of worth and destiny. Children are being given dreams and visions of a future filled with God’s blessings and direction.


Make no mistake about it; this is a time for advancement of theKingdomofGod. This is a time for reclaiming what the enemy has taken from us. It is a time to walk boldly in our callings. This is not a time to meander through the maze of mediocrity or to ponder at the pool of popularity. This is not a place to dwindle into the destitute valley of diminished dreams and dwarfed goals. No, this is a time that the kingdom is to rise up and live in all of its Heavenly Splendor.


For far too long we have been giving ground to the enemy as we retreat into the comfort of our temples and church sanctuaries. We have been content with preaching to the choir while neglecting the greater command to go out in the community and share the Gospel of God’s love. We have relegated ourselves to temple ministry and failed the mission. Those days are over. It is time to rise up and live out the true meaning of the Christian Creed.


There are many of you that for your entire life have been told that you don’t matter. You have been convinced that the best you will ever be is average. You have struggled with your self-esteem as others have mishandled and mistreated you. You have shed an abundance of tears while wondering what meaning your life could possibly have in this world that seems to be so hostile towards you. I want you to understand that this is your moment. God wants to use you. Where others have doubted you, God believes in you because he designed you with this very moment in mind. I encourage you to come forth. I implore you to stand in the power of the Holy Spirit as God thrusts you into your destiny. You are a part of the Royal Family of God and an aristocratic resident of theKingdomofHeaven; walk in your purpose and achieve your destiny.


This is the moment where we as a people stand up and declare our faith through our actions. This is where we step from behind our words and execute the actions that that validate our words.


I want every man and woman that reads this to contact me via email, tweet, or Facebook inbox so that we may organize and mobilize in our communities, at our jobs, and in our homes.


Remember your breakthrough comes through obedience


May you be blessed in all that you do.


Bishop Rick Wallace


Get a FREE copy of The Invisible Father: Reversing the Curse of a Fatherless Generation by Bishop Rick Wallace.

(Please read this message in its entirety.)

I am currently working on a project with Dreamstreet Studios to engage the homeless situation in America. During the course of 2012 there will be in excess of 3.5 million individuals that will experience the helpless sting of homelessness. A vast majority of this number represents those that are considered perpetually homeless (without a place of residence for longer than 4-6 weeks).
The truth is that the plight of the homeless moves under the radar of the average American citizen and then there are those that contribute in some way periodically. Dreamstreet Studios, the brainchild of entertainment industry veteran Donn Kizzee along with director and producer Gary Griffin has committed to engaging the issue of homelessness in America head on.

I have been brought in to assist Dreamstreet in this endeavor and I am personally asking you to assist me. I have included a link in this message to a site designed to gain financial support for this monumental endeavor. I am asking that you would help me promote this link by sharing with your Facebook and Twitter friends and fans as well as any other medium you may have at your disposal.

Of Course I am asking that you contribute as well, it will definitely be appreciated.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly 972-365-3416.

Here is the link to promote and support this great endeavor:


I would like to announce that the first 300 people that donate to this cause will receive a copy of The Invisible Father: Reversing the Curse of a Fatherless Generation, an eBook by Bishop Rick Wallace (a $9.99 value on Barnes & and as well as a number of other distributers).

So come on and grab your copy of The Invisible Father while contributing to an extremely noble cause.

Simply make your donation and then email your proof of transaction directly to Bishop Wallace at and you will be forwarded the information necessary to claim your copy of The Invisible Father.

Thanks in advance.

Rick Wallace


It is extremely important for believers to get involved in this project. Trust me, we are being watched and I have already been told  by a non-believer that all my Christian friends will tell me that they will pray for me and the project, but they won’t give. To top it off they said that non-believers would actively give at a higher rate. The sad part is, in my experience, they are right. Non-believing philanthropists will eventually get wind of it and give. The thing is that the Bible is clear on the matter; the poor are the responsibility of the Church. So, in fact, this is a Kingdom endeavor. LOOK: There are 1272 members in this group alone. If each would give just $10 and share this link with everyone in all of their circles imagine what could happen. Even those that are financially strapped could make it their business to share this others. We are talking about engaging homelessness head on (mental illness, addiction, employment, socioeconomic alienation, and more). I ask you and everyone in this group and all other groups to become a part of this movement. I have donated my book: The Invisible Father to be given to the first 300 donors (regardless to the amount donated).

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