Husbands: Focus your energy on the word COUPLE!

Closeness – She wants you to be close.

Openness – She wants you to open up to her.

Understanding – Don’t try to fix her; just listen.

Peacemaking – She wants you to say, “I’m Sorry”.

Loyalty – She needs to know you’re committed.

Esteem – She wants you to honor and cherish her.

Wives – Focus on the word CHAIRS to remind you of what your husband needs.

Conquest – Appreciate his desire to work and achieve.

Hierarchy – Appreciate his desire to protect and provide.

Authority – Appreciate his desire to serve and lead.

Insight – Appreciate his desire to serve and to lead.

Relationship – appreciate his desire for shoulder-to-shoulder-friendship.

Sexuality – Appreciate his desire for sexual intimacy.

~ Dr. Emerson Eggerich’s

The key here is to serve the needs and desires of your spouse, not yourself.