Marriage Tip of the Day: A must read –

Husbands: Alright, this one is for you, but it will benefit the both of you and the marriage as a whole. Warning: For most, this will seem extremely awkward at first, as is the case with anything that you are attempting for the first time, Plus, it calls for a certain level of vulnerability, to say the least.

Loving Benediction – A loving benediction can be described as the husband providing a spiritual, emotional, and psychological covering of blessings conveyed through verbal affirmation. In essence, you are to speak the blessings and coverings of God over your wife daily.

Added Element – Physical touch. In addition to speaking blessings and affirmations over your wife, use the element of touch to create a more intense element of intimacy. When I say intimacy, I’m speaking complete unmitigated form of intimacy, not simply physical. As a man in the institution of marriage, you have been gifted to do this.

Example – There is no exact template to follow in performing a loving benediction, but it would go something like this: You would take both of your hands and touch your wife’s head and then you would say something like, “Lord, I pray that you would guard her thoughts against worry, anxiety, fear, and stress. I pray that you fill her mind with thoughts of your love and divine protection. God, use her exceptional mind to orchestrate blessings for others. Let every thought be filled with expectation of your movement in her life and day. Today, through her mind, her vision will be elucidated and expanded and focus will be intensified…”

Then you would move your hands to her ears and say, “Dear God, guard her ears from hearing corrupt and defaming words. Block them from the negativity that could drain her of her passion to serve you. Let her hear the whispers of your love as you serenade her with the subtle words spoken through your creation today…” Then you would move to her nose, lips, on down, until you have covered her from head to toe.

Lastly you would pray that God strengthen and guide you so that you can continue to be the covering that you were designed to be.

Now there are many variations of loving benedictions, but they are all extremely powerful when they are a normal part of the marriage.

As I mentioned earlier, this calls for you to be vulnerable to her response, but in this sense, your vulnerability reveals your strength to her in that you are willing to put her first. It also invites God into the deepest recesses of your marriage and gives Him control.

Remember that your wife and your marriage is God’s greatest conduit for blessings.

I encourage you to try this everyday for at least for a month and see how it impacts your marriage and how that overflows into every other aspect of your life.

Men, there is power in the words you speak to your wife and over her. There is also an immense power in the gentleness of your touch.

God bless, ~ Dr. Rick Wallace