Marriage Tip of the Day:

Wives: Men have a deeply seeded need to be respected and valued. It is a part of their DNA. Before a man evaluates a situation to determine if he is loved, he searches it for evidence of respect. Understanding this intrinsic need men have to be respected is an intricate part of bridging the communication gap in the marriage. Understanding that he is wired differently than you is the first step to understanding him.

Men: Women are wired by the creator to give and respond to love. There is no greater yearning in the soul of a woman than to experience love. This yearning is innate and when it is quenched it drains the life source of the woman and creates a darkness that is all consuming. Understanding this about your wife is the beginning of honoring her, which is your ultimate responsibility and it should be your greatest desire. Even when you determine that your greatest desire is to honor and please God; it is done first and foremost, by honoring and protecting your wife.

Dr. Rick Wallace

A part of the “When Your House is Not a Home” series.