31 And the Lord said to me [Moses], Behold, I have begun to give Sihon and his land over to you. Begin to take possession, that you may succeed him and occupy his land.

I want to elucidate a powerful point brought forth in this scriptural passage and others. There is a dynamic working in this interaction between Moses and God. The dynamic is faith. Not static faith, but a faith that is expressed by obedient and correspondent movement.

“I have begun to give…begin to possess…” In this dynamic, God says I have began the blessing process, but it requires a correspondent action by you. At the same time that I am giving you must be taking. God is telling Moses, “I am doing my part, but you must do yours to receive the full manifestation of the blessing.”

Many of you are waiting on your breakthrough; that moment at which you rise from the ashes of turmoil and despair. You are anticipating the burden of abandonment being lifted. You prevision walking out of the dungeon of financial ataxia, but have you taken it? God is saying to you, I have begun to give, begin to take. He is asking you to step out on faith. Faith is dynamic, meaning that it requires the power to move and then the corresponding movement to be effective.

Walking out onto a path already laid is not faith. Stepping out onto the water before it parts, now that’s faith. Take it. You want your blessing of spiritual elevation? Take it. You want your liberation from the dark abyss of dwarfed goals and colorless dreams? Take it. You want to bring harmony back into your marriage? Take it. You want financial elevation and stabilization? Take it. You want a more powerful and effective ministry? Take it. You want to start your own business? Take it.

Express your faith through your actions and watch God move.

Bishop Rick Wallace

Christian Impact