What Hinders Christians From Being Successful?


Expert Author Larry B Morrison

“Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” Some would say the opposite of faith is apathy. Practical application and these words from Jesus would indicate more strongly that fear is the opposite. Fear is really perverted, twisted faith- faith that something you don’t want is going to happen. No faith at all belongs to the realm of apathy- no fear of bad, no faith for good- just flatline, also known as dead. Few of us actually live in this la-la land. Fear is an element that we all face from time to time. Actually, we live with it more than we even realize because it becomes so much second nature we are accustomed to it. So let me ask you again, “Why are you so fearful and how is it that you have no faith?”

Many of those in the role of being teachers of success principles speak often of fear, particularly, fear of failure. Yet, through the years, common everyday people, many of whom are not Christian, have found a way to conquer their fears and accomplish great things. How much more should we, children of the King, conquer our fears, given that He is our source, He is our rock, He loves and looks after us. If God be for you, who can be against you? And with Him watching your back, what have you to fear? You should be free to just go knock the stops out- yet something else hinders so many Christians; another kind of fear.

We have so much engrained religion in us. Religion in the bad sense of the word. When I think ‘religion’ I think ‘tradition.’ Traditions that invalidate the word of God, that make it of no effect. Tradition like that of which Jesus said to the Pharisees, “You nicely set aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.” What are some of these traditions?

There are varying degrees, depending on who you listen to, of ideas that are spoken as, “Let go, and let God,” “Die to your self,” and, “As a servant, you should have no thought other than how you may better serve God.” This is the lake of truth and ounce of poison formula – enough scriptural background to make it sound right, enough poison to kill you. Traditions, the words of men, trying often to explain experiences with just a hint of scripture. These ideas of belittlement of the Christian soul are like a slow death.

That being said, consider how Moses, when he had come down from the mountain, had the glory of God shining on his face. We’re afraid of getting too close to God in what we say, think, and do that we will incur God’s wrath as satan did when he said, I will be like the Most High God.” So many Christians are actually fearful that if they allow themselves to go out and be their very best, they will somehow diminish God, steal some of His glory, step on His toes, or offend Him by their accomplishment. As a result, they run so far from the fire of Glory that they end up freezing to death. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: On your best day, when you have outdone every other human on the planet, you’ve made more money, loved more people, shown more kindness, helped more, given more, encouraged more, uplifted more than anyone else- when you are shining brightly, you are no threat to God whatsoever. He is not elevated by your being small and He is not diminished by your being big. He is. Nothing changes that. You’ll never outshine Him. Our success doesn’t give Him displeasure. Just have the integrity to realize, as the centurion, you are under authority, and you have those in under your authority.

We seek so hard after God, yet this religious spirit so hinders us and we perish (physically, but more so in our soul- our mind, will and emotions) for a lack of knowledge. Our misconceptions (what we make up on our own) and misrepresentations (what we get from other people) – these religious ideas, not truths, give us an illegitimate picture of God’s nature. This divides us within ourselves and makes us hesitant to trust- unsure if God has our best interest at heart. We find ourselves fearful of Him. We choose to be small in life lest we become too much and thus offend God and risk His anger.

You read this and say, no, not me, but if you have escaped the effects of modern religion, you are rare indeed or have spent your life on a deserted island.

So what would you do with your life is knew you could not fail? It’s not an original question. Now give it a twist- what would you do with your life if you knew you could not fall out of favor with God? Go ahead, be the best you can be. Do all those things we mentioned- making money, giving, loving, helping, etc. And if you wake up one day and find the whole world is looking at you and wanting your gracious words of wisdom, just turn and point to Jesus and say, “Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to the man who made this all possible.”

How you can use your calling, combined with your talents, abilities, and your rich covenant blessing of prosperity, to have an abundance for every good work.

Larry Morrison


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