There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. There is a false doctrine that has infiltrated the ranks of Christianity in an attempt to confuse the believer with a concept of false humility. This doctrine would have the believer become docile and unassuming in his gifts. The believer is told when claims boldly his calling that he flirts with arrogance. Do not be deceived. Paul’s Corinthian Critics accused him of the same thing because of his first epistle to them. For Paul’s response, read 2 Corinthians 10.

Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of your confidence in who you are in Christ. You are not to lose sight of where your true strength comes from, because that is where your confidence is founded. When you allow the enemy to steal your confidence, take away your spiritual swagger through false humility, you are one step away from ineffectiveness. This is why. When you lose your confidence in who you are, it won’t be long before the enemy shows back up to talk you out of your calling. In other words, when you are not truly convinced of who you are, people will always be able to talk you out of what you should be doing.

When I look at the examples in the Bible I don’t see docility; not in Paul, not in the apostles after Pentecost, and definitely not in Christ. Humility is not docility; it is the understanding of the source of your strength and the acknowledgement of grace which cultivates teachability. Start living in power and standing in confidence.

God bless,

Bishop Rick Wallace