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I am happy to announce the publishing and release of my latest book: Renewing Your Mind: The Dynamics of Christian Transformation. With the multifarious worldviews circulating through our culture Christians are bombarded daily with views that are diametrically opposed to Biblical Doctrine and it is no surprise that many Christians have become influenced by these doctrines and have been consequently rendered ineffective in their Christian walk. Many are living defeated and powerless lives; others are chasing empty dreams, while yet others are simply confused. Come walk through the Word of God with Bishop Wallace as he UNLOCKS the power of the Holy Scriptures to transform your life into an effective and useful tool for the purpose of kingdom building and testimony. The great thing is Bishop Wallace is making this book available to all for FREE. Simply visit the Rick Wallace Ministries Official website at and CLICK on the Cover of Renewing Your Mind and you will be taken to the publisher’s website for a free download. You are free to share this with as many people as you like.

The book can be downloaded in multiple formats (PDF, Kindle, Mobi, more).
Be sure to pass this on to others so that many will be blessed.

God bless,

Bishop Rick Wallace