I would like to announce that I will be releasing my eBook “Mental Dynamics: Renewing Your Mind through the Power of God’s Word”. This book will not be for sale, it will be given away as a gift. The reason that I am giving this book away is that one of the greatest needs of believers in this contemporary culture is the need to reshape their thinking. There is a immense need to create a paradigmatic shift is the world view of Christian. So many secular world views have infiltrated the thought process of believers that Christians are hardly, if at all, distinguishable from those of the world. The most disheartening things is that we don’t see anything wrong with it.

My book will cover the following topics:

You Are What You Think

The Correlation between the Mind and Body

The Two Viewpoints of Life (Human viewpoint and Divine viewpoint0

The Source of Human Viewpoint

The Source of Divine Viewpoint

The Victory of Divine Viewpoint

Areas of Mental Attitude


Inner Happiness

Peace or Confidence




Second Corinthians 10: The Mental Attitude Dissertation

Our Spiritual Weapons

The Mental Attitude in the Conflict

Direct Attack

Defense Mechanisms





The Garrison of the Soul

The Danger of Superficial Evaluation

The Issue of Authority

The Inconsistency of Human Viewpoint

The Standard of Bible Doctrine

Results of Divine Viewpoint

Divine Viewpoint in Witnessing

Divine Commendation

The Ascendancy of David (as an example)

The Contrast between Human Viewpoint and Divine Viewpoint

The Prosperity Test

The Man for the Crisis

The attack of Human Viewpoint

The Attack of Worldliness

The Mental Attitude of a Super-grace Hero

*As adapted from Scripture and the teachings of R. B. Thieme Jr.

I know that for those that will take this gift and apply and share it, God will work powerfully through their lives. It is time for believers to stop believing all of this mystic crap that attempts to dissipate the power and influence of the Word of God and point you toward some higher place of obtainment. There is no substitute for putting your head in a Bible and searching out God in every word. For those of you that are trying; stop it!

Rick Wallace Ministries