Several years ago, I was in an intense study mode. I was in school studying theology, and also spending what time I was not actually doing class work in the Bible. I could easily spend 10-12 hours in the Word per day and somehow feel like I fell short. However, I also witnessed something creeping into the inner most recesses of my being. As my intellectual knowledge increased, as I began to develop & build doctrine upon doctrine, I started to see something that would not allow my spirit to settle. The more I learned intellectually, the more I began to find ways to place God in a box and limit his omnipotence and sovereignty. It is at this moment that I began to pray and ask God to shield me from my own ignorance. The ignorance I speak of is that in all of my obtaining of knowledge, I cannot lose sight of the infinite nature of God’s function and existence.

That revelation some years ago implanted a seed of humility within me. I have learned to expect more, expect beyond, and expect things that are contradistinctive to my thoughts and presuppositions. Unfortunately, in so many ways we have become a people that have boxed in ourselves and boxed out the possibilities of God’s movement in our lives. When we allow intellectualism to literally quench the flow of God’s power and his love we actually usher in the negative forces of evil. We find ourselves in a position where carnality supersedes spirituality, theology is exalted above revelation; intellectualism is honored above character building; psychology is elevated above discernment; program is preferred above the Holy-Spirit; eloquence above supernatural power, reasoning above the walk of faith; laws above love and I could continue. I am in no way saying that we should not have a pragmatic observance of natural and spiritual laws; on the contrary, we should acknowledge what is real as such. To do otherwise is simply denial. Yet, in conducting pragmatic observation we must not become pragmatist. In the development of empirical matter, we must not descend into the abyss of empiricism. We must always remember that we walk by faith, not by sight. One of the most common phrases of Jesus doing his ministry here on earth was “according to your faith”. Jesus was simply saying that I can only perform that which you believe to be possible. Jesus was not interested in circumstances or faith; he was interested in faith and faith alone.

Irregardless to the depth of our intellectual advancement in theology, we must come to the understanding that theology in truth enlightens revelation in the form of scripture and is meant to increase our understanding of our creator. It is not now, nor has it ever been, to limit the movement of God in any area. When our knowledge of scripture impresses upon us a dogmatic mindset, when we began to say what can’t happen, we limit the power of the Holy Spirit working within us and through us to accomplish God’s will.

I encourage you to understand and appreciate your limited perspicacity and do not allow it to box in God.


From the study notes of Rick Wallace

Author: The Invisible Father: Reversing the Curse of a Fatherless Generation