As a believer in Christ i do appreciate your sharing the Gospel of Grace with those who you are trying to help.  I would like also to say to you that in dealing with “fatherlessness” it needs to be understood that in the united states family courts are purposely keeping fathers from their children.  The family court system makes millions of dollars for the states by routinely denying due process to fathers all over this country.  States make millions of federal dollars upon receiving a certain amount of child support and the judges get into that graft along with the attorney’s, guardian ad-litems, counsellors, mediators, etc. etc.
The point i want to address here, specifically, is that “fatherlessness” is multifaceted.  It’s not just inner city youth who are fatherless because of a rotating welfare dependency in that community.  There is a whole other realm of “fatherlessness” due to “family court” abuse of fathers – it’s just that simple.  Get yourself a copy of “Taken Into Custody” by Dr. Stephen Baskerville and begin reading what the real reason for “fatherlessness” truly is.  Did you know for example that 85 to 90 percent of “single” mothers are brought on by those mothers filing for divorce.  That’s right, “divorce” is “unilateral” where children are present 85 to 95 percent of the time because mom initates divorce.
The divorce industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is capitalizing on divorce where kids are concerned.  So, all the “mentoring” aside, unless and until you get at the heart of the issue you are going to see the complete destruction of the country as you currently are, if we are speaking pathologically.  I read article after article after article, like yours, where all these good intentions are out there but you are, like the others, “ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth” on this issue – see 2 Tim 3:7. 
The “heart” of the issue isn’t “mentors”.  The heart of the issue is their is an all out attack on the “AUTHORITY” of fathers all over this country and it’s just that simple.  Fathers do NOT HAVE THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS TO THEIR PROGENY IN THE UNITED STATES.  You need to understand that and stop bandaiding the issue. 
Tell some youth without fathers about Christ Jesus; yes.  Show them what you believe are good values and ways of dealing with others etc. etc..; yes.   Will you actually solve or do anything to stem fatherlessness….a resounding NO.
The problem of fatherlessness is the corrupt, marxist , “family court system” in the united states.
Robert Patrick Davidson