Dear Robert,
Personally, I can definitely understand your frustration. I have been involved in that system, which is a joke. I understand better than anyone that it is a system on which pockets are lined and political careers are built; however, to assert that this is the case in every situation would be inaccurate and irresponsible. I have definitely done my homework on this matter and I can tell you that this corrupt system that you despise so much was made possible and necessary because of fathers that refuse to honor their filial responsibility. If there was never a need for enforcement, the enforcement agency would have never been present to become corrupted.
As far as mothers that are using this system as an assault mechanism against their former mates, I am aware of this as well. I have personally experienced it. Again, I must assert that though this is factual it cannot be considered the norm. I have interviewed and personally know more mothers that are literally begging the fathers of their children to take part in the children’s lives to no avail than I do of those that are manipulating and restricting visits. They definitely exist and the issue must be addressed. In fact, I am willing to partner with those who want to address that issue as well, but it must be done with accuracy and regard for the balance of truth. What I mean by this is your movement against this corrupt system loses its validity when you give total credence to your stance without truthfully and genuinely acknowledging that there are men out there literally dodging their responsibility. I’m not speaking about the guy that has the weight of an exorbitant child support order on his back. I’m not talking about the young man paying child support, but still not allowed to see his son. I’m not talking about the men who have had their God ordained authority undermined by a system devised by the enemy to usurp that very authority. No, those issues need to be addressed. I speaking of the man who this system can’t even locate to insert its corrupt claws into him. I’m speaking of the men who have children by women who refuse to bring this corrupt system into the issue, but yet they still refuse to honor their filial responsibility.
Yes, the rights of fathers in this country is a joke, but to assert that we as men are collectively carrying the load we were meant to carry is a travesty. Robert, as long as you continue to approach this issue from an imbalanced and biased perspective, the cause will continue to suffer. Truth is your greatest weapon. Stand on the truth. State your case and be firm, but never devaluate the plight of others to strengthen yours.
I would love to discuss this with you further.
Bishop Wallace
P.S. To assert that putting effort into the children and programs for betterment will not make a difference is to discount the awesome power of the Holy Spirit to transform and restore. God can make a difference. He is speaking to this generation now and saying that he will bring them up out of their graves. In fact it is happening as we speak.