We are called to come out from among the World; not is a sense of alienation, but in the sense of distinction. It is become increasingly lucid to me the immense impact that secularism has had on this nation and the Christian faith over the past forty years. We have moved so far from where we once stood that what was clear to us just a decade ago has either become blurred on totally blocked out. The once clear distinction of the believer from the world has been marred by acceptance of what is not acceptable. The lines have been blurred by the ambiguity of  transcultural commingling.

We as Christian believers have lost our way in such a way that the immensity of our social impact has dissipated. We have in many ways gone from the aristocrat to being just one of the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I have told you many times before that I do not preach from the platform of perfection, but from the oasis of a transformed heart. With that being said, I do not speak on this issue with a judgmental tone, but simply as one bringing forth revelation. In everything I preach I preach as it is given to me by the Holy-Spirit. We are being called to walk in our uniqueness as a peculiar people called out by God.

We are at a pivotal point in the history of the faith. The world is watching to see what we will do. I was speaking with a friend today and we were discussing he subtle way that the enemy is infiltrating the ranks of Christianity and ultimately dismantling the moral foundation of a nation that was once rich in its Christian heritage. The subliminal messages that are in the music we love to listen to, the subtle suggestions we find in the TV shows we watch, and the many media and marketing avenues that have targeted our children. if we don’t take a stand now we will be overrun. The Christian nucleus of this nation was so strong at one point and time that it was the overwhelming influence in every major sector of society. From politics to media, the power of Christian influence was felt. We voted our faith and we stood unwavering on Christian values. We are not only at a point where we have abandoned so many of these principals, but we have done it with no embarrassment or guilt whatsoever. The world has sold us a corrupted an worthless bill of goods and we have happily accepted it.

The Word of God used to be the substratum of the Christian faith now we find all sorts of secular philosophies intertwined in our beliefs. Once again, let me be lucidly clear, I am not speaking so much to the Christian that is struggling with his weaknesses, because he knows that he has not arrived and is seeking the complete transformation. Being aware of your need to change ultimately brings you to a point of decision. That decision is whether or not to trust God and the power of the Holy-Spirit to completely change and renew you. It is for most and progressive walk on a continuum toward spiritual maturity and ultimate sanctification. Who I am speaking directly to here is the believer that is claiming Jesus and yet accepting false ideologies taught by deceptive men. Not the believer that is striving, but the believer that is content in his waywardness.

This is the time that we must rise up and live in our destiny. This is the time when we must stand when others fall away. This is the time when we must press forward in purpose and refuse to relent in the face of adversity. This is the time when we must never allow the outward circumstances to dictate the inward conviction. It is time to be the committed believers we were designed to be. I call on each you to come and join me, not simply in word and acknowledgement, but join in the battle to take back our nation. Be a part of a movement that will revive the waning hopes of every yearning heart in this country. It is time to stop talking about the commitment and it is past time to move in purpose. Each of you were designed to play a role in the execution of the plan of God. Somewhere somehow we have moved off course. It has become about self-fulfillment It has become a what is in it for me movement.

Let me tell you something, if you think that Christ died to present you with eternal life so that you can sit around and suck everything out of the kingdom without contributing anything, you are sadly mistaken. As you will see by my next sermon, that the Word promises that without the bearing of the cross, there can be no wearing of the crown. Here is your wake up call: It is not about you my friend, you were created, saved, and preserved for service. I ask you now who is willing to unite is this cause of revival?

Thank you,

Bishop Rick Wallace

P.S. To all those that are in the Dallas area, Bishop Rick Wallace will be conducting a live offsite Bible Study on the book of Romans at Panera Bread 3826 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, Texas – (214) 443-0880. The first Study will be on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 11:00 am. For those that are interested please inbox Bishop Wallace. We look forward to seeing you there as we unlock the power of God in His infallible Word.