I have been told that my book The Invisible Father has great content and would be an awesome blessing, but the market for the book is unique. The demographic audience that the book would appeal to is difficult to reach. I see this as a problem. This is why: We have a massive epidemic in the way of absentee fatherhood on our hands and it affects this country as a whole, believers and none believers alike. It affects the wealthy and the poor, either directly or indirectly. IFS is an indicator of the direction this country is headed in and swiftly. The inner yearnings and cries of our youth that are being expressed in acts of suicide, teen pregnancy, gang affiliation and more are the direct result of absent fathers. Yet, we are content with minimal attention given and even less action taken to rectify the situation. We have to send a message that our children matter. We have to send a message to advertising and marketing agents that Christians would much rather read a book that is biblically founded and addresses a spiritual and social issue of great concern than to read the next great sex novel. Yes, that is probably what the world desires, that next great Zane masterpiece, but is that what the people of God should yearning. Shouldn’t we be about our fathers business. We are told to expose the deeds of unrighteousness by our righteous acts. I am asking each of you right now to help me make the publishing of this book a reality. You will be helping me attack one of the most pernicious machinations ever devised by the enemy; the destruction of an entire generation through filial abandonment. Please visit www.gofundme.com/The-Invisible-Father

I thank each of you in advance for your help.

Bishop Rick Wallace