To each of you that will read this blog. I pray that you are blessed by what you read. I further pray that you are inspired to become engaged in the battle to defeat IFS (The Invisible Father Syndrome). This growing epidemic has crippled a nation and almost single handedly destroyed an entire generation. I would love to have your support in publishing my book addressing this issue. For those of you that are not able to help in the way of finances, we still need you to become involved; this nation’s youth needs believers to be involved in their development. We are witnessing a generation evolving out of self-progression, meaning they have basically been reared by Wii’s and Play Stations. If we don’t do something soon we will find ourselves being a part of the greatest spiritual decline since the founding of the church nearly 2000 years ago. Trust me, that is saying a lot.

So I ask you to be a part of movement that will inspire and encourage a nation that is in desperate need of a morality boost. A nation that has found itself in a place where men have found it acceptable to procreate and then abandon their progeny. I believe that in moments like this is when Gods moves the mightiest. In situations where people have given up hope; in situations where it seems that there is no recourse. This is where the men of God must stand up and be accounted for. We must send a message with our actions and our lifestyles. We must send a message with our commitment to living for God. We must become the example by which the world walks. We have not, in quite a few years, lived up to our design as Christian men. We can no longer let this be the case. We have to be active and accountable.

I personally invite you to be apart of this movement. For those that are interested in supporting the book, please visit

Thank you,

Bishop Rick Wallace
Founder & President
Rick Wallace Ministries
100 Men of Purpose